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                  Announcing The “Henderson Field” Special

                  Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

                  In honor of the end of the Guadalcanal Campaign on the same date as today, we are offering a “$43 Henderson Field Special” featuring two bottles of 2008 Jarhead Red Reserve signed by proprietor Adam Firestone and offered in a cloth tote with free shipping now through the end of February.

                  The Guadalcanal Campaign, fought between August 7, 1942 and February 9, 1943, was for the control of a key airstrip, later named Henderson Field after a Marine pilot lost in the Battle of Midway. The victory at Guadalcanal ended all Japanese expansion attempts and placed the Allies in a position of clear supremacy. They suffered and they did their duty so a sheltered homeland could enjoy peace. We owe those Marines a profound debt of gratitude.