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                  The ONLY Whine A Marine Knows…

                  Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

                  We always love hearing from the Jarhead Nation!

                  On that note, we recently received a creative missive from Cpl Steven Burge of Texas, who shared his and his wife’s ideas for Jarhead Red slogans. Both slogans are awesome, so we are inspired to share Steven’s note with you:

                  My wife and I enjoy your wine and appreciate the cause that you have with your wine sales.? We were enjoying a bottle of it tonight and had the creative juices flowing for a couple of slogans for you.? First slogan:? Jarhead Red… Brings out the “Hoorah!” in every wine connoisseur.? Second slogan (from my wife):? Jarhead Red…the ONLY whine a Marine knows.

                  Semper Fi
                  Cpl Steven Burge
                  6th Motor Transport BN Co. B-
                  Lubbock TX

                  Thank you, Steven, for your great slogans and kind support!